Meet Trevor! A Handsome and Outgoing 2 Year Old Kitty, Ready for Adoption!

Photo: POA

We talk a lot about the shy and timid cats. Trevor doesn't get it. Why be shy when everything is so much fun?

Two year old Trevor is a confident, high energy cat who never met a stranger. He loves to play. He loves to run. He loves to climb. He loves petting and new people. And he loves to talk. Trevor is social. Remember Julie McCoy your cruise director on the Love Boat? Perky, active Julie? If she were suddenly transformed into a two year old male cat, she might be Trevor.

If you are looking for a quiet companion who will play for 10 minutes and then sit with you while you read, Trevor is not the best fit for you (and please ask us about Chloe or Luna). But if you are looking for a cat who won't hide under the couch when your friends stop by… a cat who is equal parts mischief and sweetness… a cat who will meet you at the door and tell you everything he did while you were out…

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Photo: Minnich, Sondra

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