The Paul O'Sullivan Band on The River 105-9

They're a lot of famous Pauls in the world. Apostle Paul. Paul McCartney. Paul Simon. Paul Rothchild. But have you heard of The Paul O'Sullivan Band?

These guys JUST went viral and are all over social media. All four members are named Paul O'Sullivan. All four play instruments. All 4 have formed what could be the world's FIRST VIRTUAL BAND!

I had the opportunity to chat with two of the four Pauls (Baltimore Paul & Pennsylvania Paul) about how they found each other, how they've really clicked and have great musical chemistry together. Only two of the four Pauls have met in person, however thanks to modern technology, they just released their very first band which was recorded VIRTUALLY! Shoutout to Manchester Paul & Rotterdam Paul who were unable to make it since...well...they live in Ireland & The Netherlands!

Above is my interview and below is their cover of Toto's AFRICA! ENJOY!

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