CT Make A Wish Kid Naja Tells Her Story

Here's a very special Wish story to share with you about Naja Murray! It’s a story about resiliency, strength, perseverance and hope. Naja has been near death, but still remains optimistic and encouraging. Check out the video Make-A-Wish America made (and used Nationally) from Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, it's posted below!

Make-A-Wish is in the business of delivering hope, and hope has never been more important than now for our wish kids. It can be difficult to continue to hope when we have had so many dreams deferred due circumstances beyond our control, but the moment we have something to look forward to, everything begins to change. Hope is a superpower that kids living with critical illness, like Naja, have been tapping into long before many of us heard the word, “lockdown.” Helping more kids find hope is something we all have the power to do, because for these children—as for all of us—the promise of a wish is so much more than a temporary escape. It’s a wellspring of strength to keep fighting for better days. Hope is essential for children living with critical illnesses and you can unlock its transformative power today.

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A WISH STORY Lights, Camera, Action!! “It was nice to forget all the things I’m going through medically and just live in the moment. My wish made my desire to model come true and helped make me feel beautiful in my own skin – I enjoyed it a lot! I believe that people should stop worrying about what other people think and live happily, because we only live once.” - Naja Naja dreams of being in the spotlight and of a future in modeling. All things haute couture fascinates this fifteen-year-old, who has had a fierce battle with a blood disorder that required a two-year hospital stay and three bone marrow transplants. During her long stint in the hospital, Naja’s favorite pastime was flipping through Vogue and imagining herself on its pages. When presented with the opportunity to make a heartfelt wish, she toyed with the possibilities of being on the cover of Vogue or of designing an outfit with a famous fashion designer. In her words, “I want to start a modeling career as a print model. It’s most important to be unique – me, not the clothes. I want lots of cameras, lots of clothes to choose from, hair and make-up.” When COVID made those initial wishes unattainable in the short term, it was not surprising that Naja’s heart led her to the mall, where she embarked on a shopping spree extravaganza. Not at all shy for the camera, Naja displayed her diva spunk in spades when modeling all the outfits carefully selected by a personal stylist and awaiting her in her own personal dressing room. Her wish was further enhanced by a surprise fashion shoot with a professional portrait photographer – bringing her dreams to full fruition. Known for being strong, positive and affirming, it’s Naja’s conviction and her belief in herself and others that will surely lead her to the catwalk one day.

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