GOOD NEWS: CT's 17th Annual Convey Of Caring Will Feed Over 400,000 Today!

The 17th annual Convoy of Caring kicks off on Tuesday to fight against hunger in Connecticut.

The event is called Convoy of Caring because they want the visual of dozens of tractor trailers to be a reminder of how many people are battling hunger here in Connecticut.

Two organizations, Foodshare in Bloomfield and the Connecticut Food Bank in Wallingford, will come together on Tuesday to help deliver meals to those in need. This annual event is a collaboration between Connecticut’s two regional food banks.

Last year, these groups donated 20 million meals of food. The event is their way to say thank you to their partners in the food industry that contribute year around. We’re talking about big box retailers, local distributors, farmers and manufacturers.

More than 60 percent of the food they distribute comes from these local Connecticut-based partners.

This is all meant to serve as a reminder that 400,000 people are food insecure in Connecticut, meaning they don’t have enough to eat, including 115 children.

Later today, half of the trucks will head north on Interstate 91 to Bloomfield and half south to Wallingford.

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