GOOD NEWS: Couple Throws Community Baby Shower - For 150 New Moms!

Baby showers are a way for friends and family to celebrate the birth of a new baby coming into the world -- but are also a way to help the parents of that baby get ready by giving them gifts of supplies and other stuff they’ll need.

Well, not every new parent is so lucky to have a big baby shower thrown in their honor.

That's where Jonathan and Cindy Strawbridge come in.

They collected baby supplies from businesses and members of the community. They then put the supplies, such as diapers, formula and clothing, together in 150 baskets -- and passed them out to moms, dads and caretakers in need of a little help.

Jonathan and Cindy even put a handwritten note of encouragement in each basket.

By caring for and helping new parents, Jonathan and Cindy feel like they’re providing a community baby shower, letting less fortunate parents know that they’re supported by others in the community. (New Haven Register)

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