Meet Ret. Sgt. First Class Micah Welintukonis

"Before I went on a training or combat mission, or taught my soldiers anything, not a single soldier ever asked, Are you a Democrat a Republican, or an Independent? Questions were always regarding what was needed to get the job done." Please like his FB page #CTcares

In honor of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, Micah, has been doing 24 Ride-Alongs with 24 Cops to highlight the positive of who and what Law Enforcement Officers do!

Please taker a moment to listen to our first interview, this tells you a bit about Micah and all he is doing to spread the message of hope and kindness. The second interview recounts and incident in Wethersfield, where during his scheduled ride-along, a hit and run occured, killing one dog and injuring another.

Meet Ret. Sgt. First Class Micah Welintukonis

He was injured by a suicide bomber on July 9, 2012 and was medically retired. He is a hero, although he wouldn't call himself that. He insist he was doing his job to help his fellow Americans and serves our country.


Thank you Wethersfield Police Departmentfor allowing me to do a ride along. The Sgt next to me is also an Army Veteran and so is his son! #24RideAlongs24Cops #NationalPoliceWeek

From Micah: Right now I’m riding with Wethersfield Police. This is just one example of a hard part of policing. A vehicle hit two dogs and took off with a flat tire. CT law requires you to stop if you hit a dog. Police are looking for a newer black Jeep Wrangler 4 door with mud tires. It was last seen on ridge road. If you see the vehicle please contact the Wethersfield Police Department at 860-721-2900. One dog is dead and the other is in critical condition.#24RideAlongs24Cops#TheThinBlueLine



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