Heroic Eight-Year-Old Saves Himself And Sister From Carjacker

A brave little boy in Ohio saved the day when someone tried to steal the car he and his 10-year-old sister were in.Chance, an eight-year-old from Ohio, and his sister,Skyler, were sitting in the backseat of their grandma’s car while she wheeled her sick daughter into a hospital in Middletown.

While they waited, suspect Dalvir Singh jumped into the driver’s seat and started to drive away with the kids. The grandmother,Nita Colburn, chased after her car, trying to save them, and she even managed to get the driver’s side door open, but Singh slammed it shut, dragging her as he drove away.

That’s when Chance managed to get Skyler away from Singh and open the back passenger door. The kids were able to escape, tumbling out of the car before running to their grandmother. Singh was arrested a couple blocks away and charged with kidnapping, grand theft auto and assault.

“What Chance did was extremely heroic,” Middletown police Officer Connor Kirby said. “It shows how extremely brave he was and how much he loves his sister.”

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