Two Guys Pranked Their Dad and Put His Phone Number on a Billboard

So Chris Ferry recently turned 61 years old and his sons thought it would be great to get him something special for his birthday. What he got was a text message the other day from someone wishing him a happy birthday, and he didn't recognize the number. So he texted back, and they said they got his phone number off a billboard.

It turned out Chris's two sons secretly bought ad space on a billboard in Atlantic City. They put a photo of him on it, along with his number and a message that said, "Wish My Dad Happy Birthday . . . Love, Your Sons." Of course, they didn't tell him about it. 

He says he's been averaging about one text a minute, and one phone call every two or three minutes. And it's not just people in Atlantic City. One of his sons has 150,000 followers on social media so people from all over the world have been calling. 

His birthday isn't until this Saturday. So if you want to send him a message, you've got time. His number is 1-561-307-4879.

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