CT Warning: It's Skunk Mating Season!

CT Warning: It's Skunk Mating Season! Here's what to do if you get SKUNKED!

A tip from our friends sat Fidelco Guide Dogs:

Here's the best way to rid or at least control the "stink":

Always keep hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a grease removing dish soap on-hand and easy to access. Every grocery store sells these items. Also, rubber gloves.

It’s basically 1 quart of regular strength hydrogen peroxide + 1/4 cup of baking soda + 2 tablespoons of any liquid dish soap. Of course, the total amount of solution will vary by dog size and coat…just double or triple the amounts.

If your dog gets skunked…tie up the dog outside near a hose. Change your clothes or be prepared to throw away what you’re wearing. Mix up the solution and put on gloves. Spray the dog’s coat entirely with solution – keep away from the eyes – and then rinse with hose. This may require 2 or 3 applications. Your nose will tell/guide you.

CANNOT make the mixture in advance, it will not keep and is not safe to use.

This story is used with permission from our news partner WFSB Channel 3

SOUTHINGTON, CT (WFSB) -- Animal control officials say skunk mating season is here in CT.

On Thursday,Southington Animal Control took to Facebookto alert residents that the season runs from late February through early March.

“During this time skunks are very active, mainly after dark but it is not uncommon for healthy skunks to be out during the daylight hours,” officials said in a post.

Pet owners are also advised to be aware of the increased skunk activities.

“Remember skunks are considered a “rabies vector” species which makes trapping and relocating them illegal in CT,” officials said.

If you need a skunk removed from your property, contact animal control in your town or check out the Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection's website for more informationhere.

Symptoms of rabies include unprovoked aggression, unusually friendly behavior, disorientation, impaired movement, poor coordination or paralysis.

Southington officials said they have responded to a few calls or sick or potentially rabid skunks recently.

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