Ernie Hudson chats with Renee about The Family Business, Grace & Frankie &

Ernie Hudson chats with Renee about The Family Business, Grace & Frankie & GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

Ernie Hudson exec produces, stars in  BET series "The Family Business" . ..this season's finale airing on Tuesday, Jan 29th.

(Just announced a followup to Ghostbusters to film this summer …no news yet on cast)

"The Family Business" all new episodes air each Tuesday on BET. (BET, Tuesdays 9/8p CT)

The series, based on Carl Weber's bestselling NY Times novels, has caught on with multi-generations of fans propelling the new entry to primetime ht shows to the tenth most watched cable program in December. It is a leading contender for an Image Awards n0mination this spring which Ernie will, of course, discuss.

Ernie also shoots his second series, "L.A.'s Finest" simultaneously and will probably be going back to "Grace and Frankie" for what will likely be its final season which begins shooting in March.

Sought after favorite, ERNIE HUDSON, is one of a handful of actors with incredible depth who has the ability to bicycle between three TV shows with vastly different genres and parameters. He stars in the new FOX series, Chicago-based “A.P.B.”  (Mondays, 9-10:00 PM/ 8PM CT) along with Justin Kirk and Natalie Martinez. His diversity of roles extends to“Grace & Frankie” (Netflix) on which he is shooting season 3 where he portrays Lily Tomlin's character's boyfriend (the 'Yam man') and EPIX's political dramedy, “Graves,” as Nick Nolte's ('President Graves') fix-it man. "APB" week 4 airs this Monday following "24: Legacy" and has become appointment tv for millions of viewers.

Carl Weber’s "The Family Business,” based onThe New York Times best-selling author’s most popular family crime drama novel, stars acclaimed-actor Ernie Hudson who for the very first time is now a hyphenate adding Executive Producer to his impressive list of credits.

The popular series is centered on the Duncans, a prominent family from Jamaica, Queens living fast and luxurious. By day, they’re an upstanding family; by night, they live a dangerous secret life. The patriarch of the family, L.C. Duncan (Hudson), is at the age when he’s starting to think about retirement and has to decide which of his children should take over his thriving exotic car dealership. The Duncans quickly come under siege from some of the top politicians, mafia and drug cartels in the city. The Duncans will have to stick together or die separately.

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