GOOD NEWS: Free Ink If You Help The Homeless!

A tattoo shop in Nebraska is helping to spread kindness this holiday season with a special offer for customers. Mark Hennant, owner of Ink Link Tattoo shop asked customers to bring in donations of clothing for the homeless, in exchange for free tattoos.

Word got around and people were happy to take them up on the offer, soon donations were pouring in and the shop had to revise it’s offer. They had to downsize the giveaway to gift certificates for 50% off tattoos, then they began offering $20 in store credit for every item of winter clothing donated.

So far Hennant has given away thousands of dollars worth of free services and the donations aren’t slowing down. He’s gotten thousands of articles of clothing for the homeless and doesn’t plan to stop the mission anytime soon.

“It does feel good to help people,” Tennant says, “but it also just makes you realize how much people need.”

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