Hockey Team’s Teddy Bear Toss Sets A Record!

The Hershey Bears, a minor league hockey team, recently held its annual Teddy Bear Toss and this year they set a new record. A crowd of just over 10,000 fans threw down an impressive 34,798 stuffed animals, which will be donated to local charities for the holidays.

This was the 25th year for the event and it broke the team’s previous high, which was set last year with 25,017 stuffed animals tossed. And if you’re doing the math, the bear count for 2018 breaks down to three per person in the stands, but some brought way more than that to contribute.

The Teddy Bear Toss is now a tradition for most minor league hockey teams as well as some Canadian teams. And to make the night even better, the Hershey Bears won the game that night, beating the Binghamton Devils 6 to 3.

Source: Yahoo

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