Awesome Donation To Students/Staff In Paradise, CA

After learning that the students and staff at Paradise High School lost everything in the Camp Fire, businessman Bob Wilson wanted to do something to help. So the San Diego real estate developer and restaurant owner decided to give each of the 1,085 students and staff a check for $1,000.

Wilson handed the checks out to all 980 students and over 100 employees, from teachers, to janitors, to bus drivers. That adds up to about $1.1-million! Wilson had never been to Paradise, the Northern California town that’s been basically wiped out from the deadly wildfire, but he says he cherishes his high school experience and couldn’t bear to think of how these kids are missing out on that.

"Let them figure out what they want to do with it," Wilson says. "Maybe they'll help their family, maybe they want to buy gasoline for their car, maybe they want to buy a bicycle, it's up to them."

Credit: CNN

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