11-Year-Old Boy Gives 65,000 Donuts To Police!


An 11-year-old boy has delivered more than 65,000 donuts to police officers around the country. Tyler Carach and his mother, a former police officer, have spent the majority of weekends and holidays road-tripping taking donuts to precincts in over 30 states.

The fifth grader’s mission began in August 2016, when he saw four deputies at a store and asked his mother if he could use his allowance to buy them donuts. The officers happily accepted the tasty treat and their collective appreciation inspired Carach to keep it up.

The Florida boy and his mother have been taking trips over the past two years during weekends, school holidays and summer vacation to deliver donuts to police officers. Their efforts are now funded in part by donations. 

Tyler, who has earned his nickname “Donut Boy,” was recently in at the 14th precinct in Chicago, where an officer named Alex Mareno set a record eating 15 donuts. The officers also presented Tyler a cake for his 11th birthday.


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