Train Car Cleaner Gives CPR To Save Rider's Life!!


Vincent Seals is being hailed a hero after he recently saved man on the BART train. According to the Californian BART train car cleaner, he was working late at the Dublin/Pleasanton station when he heard a scream from co-worker on the platform. After rushing over, the 20-year-old noticed the man sitting in a train car not breathing or moving. 

“I didn't feel a pulse, so I put my ear to his mouth to see if I could hear or feel his breath and I couldn't.” Vincent explained. “His lips had already turned blue at that point, so I picked him up and laid him on the floor (of the car) to start CPR.” Vincent continued to administer chest compression until the man woke up. Thankfully he was able to keep him breathing long enough for paramedics to arrive and take the man to the hospital. 

The heroic move was a blessing. Vincent normally works a different train route and was supposed to be off that day. However, he decided to pick up a shift. “I was glad to have the opportunity to be there to help save his life. I was supposed to be there at that time,” Vincent said.


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