GOOD NEWS: Soccer Star Starts School For Disabled

I love it when athletes use their fame, fortune and deep pockets to help kids...they should do it more...

This soccer star isn’t just winning hearts for his actions on the field – he is also inspiring others by what he is doing for disabled children on the internet.

Brazilian football player Neymar Jr. recently made a social media post about his hand in promoting the “world’s biggest inclusive school.”

Neymar partnered with Handicap international to launch the initiative as a means of raising awareness for the lack of educational opportunities made available to disabled children. The online school, which has been called Teacher Kids, allows kids from all over the world to post videos of themselves teaching a unique skill – and it allows everyone else to learn from the enthusiastic young teachers as well.

“32 million disabled kids don’t have access to school,” writes Neymar, “yet they have so much to teach us.”

Neymar, who is a forward player for the Paris Saint-Germain football club, became the school’s first student when he sat down in front of a screen and participated in virtual lessons that were taught by children with special needs.

A boy with Down syndrome gave the athlete a lesson in relaxation; a blind girl showed Neymar how to make an origami heart; and a young amputee even taught a dance class.

Way to go Neymar...I'm buying a #10 jersey...


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