Fisch Facts 10/23/18...World Series Edition!

FISCH FACTS...10/23/18

The first team to win four of the seven games wins the championship. BUT, the World Series used to be best of NINE…in 1903 and from 1919-1921! The Boston American’s won it in 1903.

Only two current franchises have never appeared in the World Series: the Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals

The Red Sox and Dodgers met once before in the World Series…in 1916…the Red Sox won, because they had this guy named BABE RUTH who pitched and hit!  They traded him two years later.

Deion Sanders played in both a World Series and two Super Bowls. In the 1992 World Series he played with his team the Atlanta Braves against the Toronto Blue Jays. Then to follow that up he played in the 1995 Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers, and in 1996 with the Dallas Cowboys. Both those teams won the Super Bowl.

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