GOOD NEWS: 85yr Old Completes An IRONMAN!


Anyone who even attempts to compete in an Ironman triathlon is impressive, but 85-year-old Hiromu Inada just completed the challenge, becoming the oldest person to finish the Kona IRONMAN World Championship. Competitors have to complete the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and the 26.2-mile run in less than 17 hours and Inada finished in 16 hours 53 minutes and 50 seconds, right under the wire.

The Japanese triathlete even beat his own personal record this year after missing the cutoff time last year and not getting to compete. Inada didn’t even get into the competitions until he was 70, proving it’s never too late to start challenging yourself.

“I’ve lived to my eighties and I’ve never felt so fulfilled,” he says. “I’m too busy to have time to take it easy, but I think of now as my youth.”


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