After 20 Years In Prison, Man Set Free By DNA!


After spending almost 20 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, a man has been released thanks to new DNA evidence. Horace Robertshas always maintained his innocence in the 1998 killing of Terry Cheek, who was his lover. The California Innocence Project took up his case in 2003 and after a lot of hard work, he’s finally being reunited with his family.

Roberts has been declared factually innocent of the crime he was imprisoned for in 1999 and all charges have been dropped against him by the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office. And the thing is, he might have been released 10 years ago if he would’ve admitted to killing her and apologized, but he wouldn’t because he swore he didn’t do it and refused “to allow the system to rob me of what I had left.”

“I’m glad to be home and I’m never leaving them again,” Roberts says of reuniting with his family after all these years. “Thank God. Free at last.”


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