Bride’s Brothers Surprise Her At Wedding

After losing her father to heart disease three years ago, Kaley Westcouldn’t have her dad there when she married Andy Young recently, but her brothers made sure he was still a part of her wedding day. The brides five brothers - Danny, Dustin, Derek, Kevin, and Kasey - planned a surprise in the months leading up to her nuptials and kept it a secret until the reception.

At the Midway, Utah ceremony, each of Kaley’s brothers took turns dancing with her to Michael Bolton’s song “Fathers and Daughters.” That was touching on its own, but they made it even more special by interspersing audio of their dad’s voice from old home movies during the song. So her dad wasn’t there physically, but her brothers made sure he was there in spirit with sound bites directed to her.

“I have some amazing brothers that made this special moment beyond incredible for me during my father-daughter dance,” the bride posts on Facebook. “There was so much love on our wedding day and tangible love felt amongst everyone in that ballroom.”

Video of the emotional moment has since gone viral, reaching 30 million views and counting. We dare you to watch it and not cry.

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