Fleetwood Mac Dig REAL Deep On New World Tour

Fleetwood Mac opened their world tour last night (Wednesday) at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Featuring Neil Finn of Crowded House and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in place of the fired Lindsey Buckingham, the band broke out songs they haven’t done in four decades, along with selections from the previous bands of their two new members.

Finn handled the vocals and rhythm guitar, while Campbell played lead and sang just one song, “Oh Well.” Finn sang the other rarities -- 1970's "Tell Me All the Things You Do" and 1973's "Hypnotized," which they hadn’t performed since 1977. Mick Fleetwood dedicated "Hypnotized" to a former bandmate, the late Bob Welch, who wrote and sang it.

Also making it back into the set was “Black Magic Woman,” which they hadn’t done since 1987, and “Isn’t it Midnight,” last played in 1990.

Finn got to do two songs from his Split Enz and Crowded House days -- “I Got You,” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” with Stevie Nicks. During the encore, Stevie honored her late friend Tom Petty with “Free Fallin’.”

The show ended with Stevie and Christine McVie doing a duet on the live debut of 1995’s “All Over Again.”

Next up is Chicago on Saturday.

Fleetwood Mac opening night set list – BOK Center Tulsa, Oklahoma:

  1. "The Chain"
  2. "Little Lies"
  3. "Dreams"
  4. "Second Hand News" (Neil Finn on vocals)
  5. "Say You Love Me"
  6. "Black Magic Woman" (Stevie Nicks on vocals)
  7. "Everywhere"
  8. "I Got You" (Split Enz - Finn on vocals)
  9. "Rhiannon"
  10. "Tell Me All the Things You Do"
  11. "Storms"
  12. "World Turning" (w/drum and percussion duel)
  13. "Hypnotized" (Finn on vocals)
  14. "Oh Well" (Mike Campbell on vocals)
  15. "Don't Dream It's Over"
  16. "Landslide"
  17. "Isn't It Midnight"
  18. "Monday Morning"
  19. "You Make Loving Fun"
  20. "Gold Dust Woman"
  21. "Go Your Own Way"


  1. "Free Fallin'"
  2. "Don't Stop"
  3. "All Over Again"

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