GOOD NEWS: Ambulance Drivers Are Special People

Thanks to the attention and kindness of two Australian ambulance workers, a dying man was able to have the last meal he most desired.

After 17 years of fighting pancreatic cancer, Ron McCartney was set to be taken into palliative care earlier this month.

His wife Sharon, however, needed to call for a medical escort after her husband’s sickness took a bad turn. While the Queensland paramedics conducted an evaluation in the ambulance, they discovered that the 72-year-old had not been eating for several days.

The two paramedics, identified only as Kate and Hanna, asked the senior: “If you could eat anything… what would it be?” He replied, “A caramel sundae.”

The medics then detoured from their route, so they could buy McCartney the sweet treat before arriving at the hospital.

After Sharon expressed her appreciation for the gesture, the pair posted a photo of McCartney with his sundae.

Kate and Hanna said they were “humbled” by the note of gratitude which “underlines an often-unseen aspect of patient care; the caring.”

“Sharon’s message emphasized the enjoyment Ron received from such a simple action and thanked paramedics for the swift and high level of care and compassion shown to him on both this occasion, and their previous interactions over the last few months as well,” wrote the ambulance service.

Shortly after the ambulance ride, McCartney’s daughter Danielle Smith commented on the photo to express her own appreciation for the compassion shown to her father before he passed away.

“Dad enjoyed this so much and [it] was the last thing he was able to eat by himself,” wrote Smith. “Mum and I cannot thank QAS enough for all the help and compassion you have all given towards us.”

The story is a perfect example of how important kindness can be, even if it’s as simple as ice cream.

Credit: Good News Network

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