Red Sox Lose Championship Banner...Found By Idiots

You would think the hardest thing for an MLB team to do is to capture the pennant.

But it turns out for the Red Sox, the problem isn’t capturing a pennant as much as holding on to one.

And while they don’t have the AL sured up yet—as they will need to navigate the playoffs that are sure to include the defending World Champion Astros—they all but secured the AL East crown.

Problem is, while they are just one game away from capturing that banner, they are already having trouble holding onto it.

While a division title isn’t the end of Boston’s aspirations this season, one thing might be missing when they celebrate in the upcoming days—the actual AL East Champions banner, which the Red Sox literally lost earlier this week.

Apparently it fell off a vendor’s truck along a Massachusetts highway recently and was recovered by a Red Sox fan by the name Louie Iacuzzi.

And then in typical “southie” fashion, he and his friends held it for ransom.

In defense of the here to fore called “Iacuzzi gang,” when their demands for money and/or tickets to a Red Sox game were not met, they did return the banner to Fenway.

Still, what was that about Philly having the worst fans again?

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