GOOD NEWS: Christmas in September, YUP!

The town of Colerain, Ohio, is already celebrating Christmas for a little boy who has been battling a rare form of cancer.

Two-year-old Brody Allen spent 98 days in the hospital where doctors treated this cancer, which has left him with tumors on his brain and spine.

He was discharged in August, with his parents being told that Brody might not have long to live. So they sprang into action to make sure Brody enjoyed as much joy and happiness as possible.

The family decorated their home with Christmas lights and Disney characters -- and even handed out holiday treats.

It didn’t take long for other members of the community to also step up and start their holiday celebrations, with many also decorating their homes and even sending Christmas cards to Brody.

Brody went for a wagon ride so he could see all the decorations, which put a huge smile on his face and also let the family know that they are surrounded by kind, compassionate neighbors -- many of whom were strangers before this all happened.

If you would like to donate holiday décor or send Brody a Christmas card, you can mail letters/items to their home at 9696 Adair Court, Cincinnati, OH 45251.

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