Kids Stop Other Kids From Bullying Girl w/ DS


Bullying takes many paths but it leads down to sadness, put out confidence, and or changes views about people and life in general. That very subject, bullying, made us shut what our minds and hearts were telling us to do. We cannot risk because we are afraid that it’s not going to live up the “worth the risk” thing. Why? Bullies are firing up already hurtful words though we have not yet shown to them the cause of the risk we are about to make.

Desiree Andrews, a cheerleader in her basketball team, was being bullied by some of the audience of that basketball game. The words and treatment from the bullies to her was upsetting to hear. The cheerleader’s father, Cliff Andrews who happened to witness the bullying act as he was there, couldn’t just remain calm and be still. The bullying act has not just reached the concern of the cheerleader’s father, it catches the attention of the three basketball players, the players on the team that Desiree Andrews was cheering for. In the middle of the game, Scooter Terrien, Chase Vasquez, and Miles Rodriguez decided to stop what they’re doing to defend Andrews. But before Desiree’s dad could take a move, the boys already are doing their defense and told the bullies to stop. Seeing these boys defended her made Cliff Andrews thankful, such a kind act from the boys was observed by some in the crowd.

After what happened, Desiree gained friends. It’s good to know as well that the incident changed the views of others but most importantly, changed Desiree’s Life! D’s House, the nickname given to the gymnasium dedicated to Desiree Andrews is one of the good things that happened to her. D’s House, it’s where the bullying and defending happened definitely became the proof that there are still people willing to drop everything in defense of others especially to people who can’t defend themselves.


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