Couple Saves 11,000 Dogs From Being Euthanized!!

Life in the dog house may not be too bad, according to this couple.

As a means of saving dogs from being euthanized at regular animal shelters, Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw welcome dogs into their own home until they can be adopted.

They aren’t just taking in one or two strays, however – the couple recently told CBS Newsthat they currently share their home with 86 different dogs.

The couple from Rembert, South Carolina first opened their arms to rescue dogs after they began taking in animals that were lost after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As they continued taking in more and more pups, they turned their home into a sort of animal shelter called Danny and Ron’s Rescue.

To date, Danny and Ron have saved over 11,000 dogs.

A film crew recently put together a documentary about the couple called Life in the Doghouse, which will be showing in theaters on September 12th.

All proceeds generated from the film will be donated to animal rescues and shelters, including Danny and Ron’s Rescue.

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