Company Turns Old Shoes Into Flip Flops For Kids!

A new company in India is turning trash into treasure by rescuing discarded shoes and turning them into flip flops for kids in need.

Amazingly, about 24 percent of the world’s population -- or about 1.5 billion people -- do not have shoes. This is a big problem because these people are at risk of some nasty infections.

The two founders of GreenSole recognized this problem, but also saw that many shoes are thrown away each year and end up going to waste in landfills.

So, they figured out a way to take the old shoes and modify them so that the shoes could be usable again. Not only that, the founders have also set up skill centers to employ villagers, giving them raw material and to help them refurbish shoes for their own community.

 Last year, GreenSole manufactured 35,000 pairs of these special shoes -- and they expect to double that amount in 2018.

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