GOOD NEWS: Man Now A Talented Artist After Stroke


One Londoner went from scribbles to Picasso after waking up in the hospital from a stroke. Wayne Sheppard says he couldn’t even draw basic shapes before the event – now he’s selling canvas after canvas of original artwork!

According to experts, strokes can cause brain damage that can actually have a positive effect on someone’s creativity, but usually, it's not as dramatic as Sheppard’s case. “I remember waking up in the hospital the next morning with this sudden urge to draw,” Sheppard recalls. “For the first three days out of hospital, I just started sketching non-stop. I was never able to draw before.”

But now? People from around the world are shelling out hundreds of dollars for his pieces. Sheppard says his newfound hobby is helping him cope with his health problems, including being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Wanna see? CLICK HERE


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