GOOD NEWS: 11yr Old From Newtown Becomes Author!

An 11-year-old girl from Newtown took her own experience being bullied and turned it into a positive.

Mariam Azeez has co-authored a book. It is called, Soulful Sydeney Explores Diversity.

The main theme is about inclusion, compassion and kindness.

"This book is a book of knowledge and education, because most people who don't like Muslims don't even know about them. They're ignorant, and that causes fear," 11-year old Miriam said. So this book is to educate people about Muslims, about everybody, it's not just Muslims, it's anybody who's being discriminated against.."

Azeez wrote the book with Terry Murphy, who she met at a Newtown mosque.

"Little Miriam, she is a firecracker. She's an amazing writer, and a terrific poet, and she and I had a great time writing this book together," said Murphy. 

The two then created a story to reflect on how easy it is to overcome fears.

There will be a book launch party in mid-July.

To purchase the book online, click here.

CREDIT: News 8

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