Librarian Saves Guy Who Overdosed


After saving someone from an overdose in a library bathroom, a Maryland librarian is raising awareness about the importance of Narcan training. Brian Oberle was working at the Glen Burnie Regional Library when a visitor discovered a man on the floor of the restroom. He and other trained staff saw his pinpointed pupils and noticed gargled breathing, which are symptoms of a heroin overdose.

The staff’s training kicked in and knew what to do and they have Narcan on hand for these emergencies. By the time I called for the Narcan, staff had already called 911, so they were on the way,” Oberle explains. “And somebody, I think it was seconds before somebody handed me the Narcan, because they had already retrieved it.”

Oberle gave the man the life-saving drug just as officers arrived, saving the stranger’s life, but he’s modest about it. “I’m just this guy. I took some training, I put it to use,” he says. “You fall back on the training.”


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