Trump Offered McEnroe $1Million To Play Serena!

Not only is President Donald Trump a rich man, but he likes to remind you of that.

And like most ridiculously rich people, they prove it by spending their money on ridiculous things.

Or at least try to.

Just ask former tennis legend John McEnroe, who recently noted that Trump offered him a cool $1-million to play Serena Williams in what would have been this generation’s version of the Battle of the Sexes.”

“I was calling a match and suddenly I get this envelope and it’s from Donald Trump,” McEnroe said recently. “It’s never been something where I was like, I want to go play a woman in a match.”

Partisan politics aside, this might be one of the best ideas Trump has ever had. Sure it came before he was president, but really, has he come up with this cool of an idea since?

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