North Haven Man Takes Sick Wife Around The World

This is what true love looks like....

Ignoring a doctor's advice is not usually good practice, but one Connecticut husband has shown over the past 27 years that doing so was the best thing he and his wife have ever done.

In 1991, Donna Fierlit suffered a devastating brain aneurysm that left her partially paralyzed and wheelchair bound. At the time, doctors told her husband, Andy, that he should move her into a nursing home because the amount of care she needed would be too much for him to handle. 

But Andy made a vow "for better or worse" at their wedding, and he wasn't having any of the doctor's advice. Instead of admitting her into a nursing home, he packed their bags.

For the next 27 years, Andy took Donna all over the world on adventures. They have visited more than 20 countries on all seven continents. And although Andy admits it's not always easy transporting Donna around everywhere, he says, "I've loved Donna from the day I met her and can't imagine doing anything else." 

He adds, "She's a lot of fun to travel with. We have a deep love for each other and we've always believed that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade." They'll be making more lemonade later this year when they go on a Scandinavian adventure

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