Are you an "annoying" tourist? Before you say no, ready this....

Are you an "annoying" tourist? Before you say no, ready this....


The Most Cringe-Worthy Tourist Behavior              

  • A thread on the online forum Quora, asked “What are some of the most cringe-worthy things that tourists do in your country?”
  • One woman in San Francisco vented about tourists who waste their time taking selfies on sight-seeing tour buses, while another complained about folks getting too close to wild animals
  • One user in Croatia complained about tourists hiking in flip-flips, while someone in Norway says they hate getting asked when the Fjords open and how long they stay open until

Other responses include:

  • One person commented on folks eating habits, writing, “I know I stated that I won’t cringe if you eat with your hands in your country, but pizza is never meant to be eaten with a fork.”
  • Another person vented about folks wearing flip flops while hiking in Croatia, noting that many tourists “break a leg, end up being lost, dehydrated or starved.”
  • And one person who lives near Banff National Park in Canada is sick of tourists causing “bear jams.” “I get the excitement of seeing a bear. They are rare majestic creatures. “But these traffic jams are huge safety concerns. In their excitement people will run across the road not looking, park on corners where the speed limit is 70km/h.”
  • One person from Holland is sick of being asked, “When do the Fjords open? And do they close at night?”
  • Another user complained about Americans in traditional beer halls, writing, “Americans that go to beer and lederhosen events in Vienna, dressing up like idiots themselves, and even dressing up their dogs in such garb.”

Source: Daily Mail


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