Neil Diamond Announces Immediate Retirement & Reveals Parkinson's Disease

Neil Diamond, 77,  Announces Immediate Retirement & Reveals Parkinson's Disease

Wednesday 1.24.18 is Neil's birthday, just a day after announcing his retirement! 

1941, Born on this day, Neil Diamond, singer, songwriter. Had the 1970 US No.1 & UK No.3 single 'Cracklin' Rose' plus over 30 other US & 10 UK Top 40 singles. Wrote 'I'm A Believer', the No.1 for The Monkees. Many acts from Elvis Presley, Lulu and Deep Purple have all covered his songs. With his 2008 album ‘Home Before Dark’ Diamond became the oldest artist to have a US number one, the record was previously held by Bob Dylan in 2006 with ‘Modern Times’. information from and written by This Day In Music CLICK here for more info!



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