Interview with AARP: Disrupt Aging

Nora Duncan from AARP with Joyce Ramsey, AARP Volunteer. 

Listen to our interview with Nora as she talks about aging and things to always keep in mind! 


#DisruptAging is a national movement started by AARP CEO Joanne Jenkins. It’s a call to action in shaping the future of aging. We do this by challenging outdated beliefs about what it means to age and create new ways of how we choose to live as we age.

We are all aging, every day.

The good news is the way we are aging is changing, mostly for the better. Our ability to live longer, healthier, more productive lives is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments.

But the bad news is we don’t see it that way. Attitudes and stereotypes about aging haven’t changed. And many ideas and solutions available to us as we age are out of date.

We need to change the conversation about age and aging in this country. Aging is about growth (not decline). It creates new opportunities (not just challenges). Older people are contributors (not burdens). And each and every one of us should be valued for who we are, not by how old we are.

To learn more about #DisruptAging in CT join us at an October event, check out this article and learn about all AARP CT has to offer at

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