80s at 8 for 4-7-17

Thanks for visiting the 80's blog, updated daily with each day's show content and music videos. We get today's show started with a song from 1984, here’s Bananarama “Cruel Summer

From 1981 Quarterflash “Harden My Heart” If you've ever slid into a room in your skivvies and socks, if you've ever rocked it to the bang bang boogie, said up jumped the boogie to the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat, or if you have ever done the moonwalk while wearing only one glove,   this is the show for you, it is the 80’s at 8, from 1985 Animotion “Obsession”

From 1984 Billy Joel “The Longest Time” If you're still trying to figure out whether Schwarzenegger or DeVito was the cuter twin, if you would be proud to partake of some pecan pie with Harry and Sally, or if you've ever made a collage of Corey faces from cut up Bop magazines, this is the show for you, it is the 80's at 8, from 1983 Prince “Little Red Corvette

Here is the answer to the timeline, in which year did the following things take place?

Dan Rather was attacked outside his New York apartment by someone demanding to know, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?"

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame saw its first induction ceremony, honoring artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry, and James Brown.

& Paul Newman taught Tom Cruise the art of pool hustling in The Color of Money, in 1986, and that year, Glass Tiger burst onto the scene thanks to this hit, “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)”

From 1986 Sly Fox “Let’s Go All The Way”  If you've ever cajoled a stuffy relative into doing the Dance of Joy, if you're still not sure if Pop Rocks and Coke is a deadly combination but you're not willing to chance it, or if you cried when David Hasselhoff took down the Berlin Wall with the power of his music, this is the show for you, it is the 80s at 8, from 1983 Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen

From 1982 Eddy Grant “Electric Avenue” If you knew Honey Smacks back when they were Sugar Smacks, If your parents bought your Cabbage Patch Kid out of the back of a van, or If you would be proud to partake of some pecan pie with Harry and Sally, you are on the right station, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1982 Asia “Only Time Will Tell 

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