80s at 8 for 4-3-17

Thanks for visiting the 80’s at 8 blog, updated daily with each day’s show content and the music videos for all the songs we played! We get today’s show started with a song from 1982 from Duran Duran, here’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”

From 1987 Crowded House “Something So Strong” If you ever wished for designer Calvin Klein underwear, just like Marty McFly, if you ever told someone to make like a tree and get outta here or If you ever got a Deloren up to 88 Miles per hour, you are on the right station, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1983 from Naked Eyes, here’s “Promises, Promises”

From 1983 The Fixx “One Thing Leads to Another” If you've ever gotten physical with Olivia Newton John or sweated to the oldies with Richard Simmons, If you still think that Starburst are a pale imitation of Bonkers, or If you ever picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue, this is the show for you, it is the 80’s at 8, from 1988 Van Halen “When It’s Love

Here is the answer to the timeline, in which year did the following things take place?

Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Shiek to win his first WWF championship at Madison Square Garden.

Michael Jackson's hair caught fire while filming a Pepsi commercial

& Kids everywhere learned never to feed a Mogwai after midnight as Gremlin fever took over the country, in 1984, and that year, Nena translated her worldwide hit song into English, here’s “99 Red Balloons”

From 1986 Falco “Rock Me AmadeusIf you know exactly what Miss Marry Mack was wearing, if you still can’t imagine a world without John Lennon, or if you’re afraid to give your pets food after midnight for fear that they are a Mogwai in disguise, you are on the right station, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1985 Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better”

From 1988 Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” If you watched too much "You Can't Do That on Television" and still can't bring yourself to say "I don't know" or "water", If you see no need to be embarrassed by your collection of Ernest movies, or If Heathers made you wonder what the deal was with the Moby Dick Eskimo, you are on the right station, this is the 80’s at 8, from 1982 Adam Ant “Goody Two Shoes”

From 1984 The Go-Go’s “Head Over Heels” If you could be the Walrus, but you'd still have to bum rides off people, if David Bowie has no power over you despite his tight leather pants, if you still do the gopher dance every time you hear the song from Caddyshack, this is the show for you, it's the 80's at 8, from 1983 Michael Jackson “Billie Jean”

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