7th Annual Jordan's Journey Gala

Foxwoods Resort and Casino  · 

April 7, 2018, Foxwoods Resort & Casino The 7th annual Jordan's Journey gala will be putting mental health on center stage featuring brilliant performances by Broadway entertainers, inspiring student testimonials, award ceremonies, a silent auction, and more. Guests will be taken on an unforgettable journey led by esteemed Masters of Ceremonies, Renee DiNino, Mark "The Shark", and Ann Nyberg. 

Jordan's Journey benefits the suicide prevention programs of the Jordan Porco Foundation charity. These programs are creating a message of hope for young adults in Connecticut and across the country. Just since their founding in 2011, the rate of suicides across the lifespan has increased by nearly 8%. Your support allows the Jordan Porco Foundation to keep countering the rise in the suicide rate by continuing to meet young adults where they are, adapting and growing their programs. Your support saves lives.

Get your tickets and learn more about this event at www.jordanporcofoundation.org/gala


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