Photo's: Connecticut is the PITS! And we're wagging our tails about it!

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Photo's: Connecticut is the PITS! And we're wagging our tails about it!

Sue Adams sent in her pup!
Sue Adam's family!
This is LOLA!!!!
The Barden family pit!
The Barden family pit and friend!
Brian and his pit girl Libbs!
Elaine sends a pic of her beautiful girl!
Benny sends a pic of his crew!
Straight from the Biker's Against Cruelty HQ - two cuties!
Gretchen sends a sweet pic of her Bella!
Here's a pic of the very handsome Salty!
CT-Animal House has a few pics to share!
CT-Animal House has a few pics to share!
CT-Animal House has a few pics to share!
CT-Animal House has a few pics to share!
City of Hartford ACO DeGenova shares a moment between her and a rescued pit!
Dave and his rescue pit!
Kris and her sweet boy!
Renee Whalen sends a photo collage of her beautiful baby now 9 years old!
Monique's pup!
DogStar rescue send s this adorable pic!
From Eric, a majestic pic of Apollo!
Margaret's crew!!
Rosie sent in a pic of her grand-pits!
Lydia's beautiful Lilly
Kathi-Ann send sin her cutie pie Ollie!
My THREE pittie LOVES 💖Cooper, Bella & Roxie 💖Pits RULE 😎
Dozer & Addison - Hartford Alum's!
This is Mister Salty!
2015 Hartford Alum!
Dan shared his pretty pit-mix
Sent in by Erica her cutie pit!
Jilly the pretty pit!!!
From Lynn, here's CHASE!!!
From Colleen, 60% pit-mix..the dog..LOL
Susan's grand-pits!
This is Miss Sweet Pea
Jennifer sent in her pit nephew Ruckus!
Take a look at this nap-time sent in by Ken!
Kim sent us a pic of pretty Miss Charlotte
(RIP) Hartford Alum good boy Smitty xo
Here's GRACIE!!! From Hartford!
Karen's beach pit!!!
Paula's Boys!
Here's Robins cute pit!
Matt sent in his boy LEMMY!
This is HOPE!
Three pits and one basset...
Allyson's sweet girl!!!
Boomer is a city of Hartford alum, adopted in 2/2013. He is an ambassador for the breed, who welcomes new foster dogs into our home regularly and loves and adores all people, especially children! Here he is protecting his little sister ❤️
Ortiz and Crosby. Ortiz is a Hartford Shelter Alumni
Amber adopted from the City of West Hartford, formerly trained and certified animal activities dog through Pet Partners before her retirement❤️
Love !! ❤️🐾 feel free to use Merlins photos for any positive pitbull posts
Jack is a Hartford animal shelter alumni
Meet Julie's FRANKIE!!
Here;s Felicia's ALICE!!!!
Lori sends us Maggie, rescued by ACO Sherry in Hartford
Hartford rescue sent in by Terry!
Melissa sends us Tank! 1/2 pit bull rescued in July/2014
Meet Kenway's Cause rescues Arnold & Missy
Meet ORTIZ! Hartford rescue from 9/2015
Desiree sends us furry MURRAY!!! Hartford rescue!
This is Miss April-May
Rescued From Stamford ACO - this is Ruger!
Meet MAUI! From down South to CT, he'll be 1 in April!
BFF's Abby & Chloe!
Melanie says, Honey rescued me from Bridgeport ACO
Dian sends us Beau a CT rescue!
Meet SOPHIA! AKA Mush-Face from the East Haven Animal Shelter
Meet Brutus from Bristol!!!!!!
Hello from Brenda & Noah!
Bo Duke and his late bestie Greg the Guinea Pig from Hebron!
Annie sends us her sweetie!!!
Logan and a face full of kisses!
Hazel from the Hartford Shelter!
Ace, Axel & Jager - Pittie Party of 3!
Here's Churchill!
Sweet Bella!
SARAH, shown in the middle, adopted 2012 from Hartford Animal shelter. The best farm dog ever who gets along with all animals. Trail rides 5 miles with my horses too.
This was Neko rescued during a blizzard in January 2005. Sadly he crossed the rainbow bridge in July of 2007.
From Hartford! This is Tank whom I adopted the day after Thanksgiving 2008.
Bonnie!!!! xoxox
Wiggles and her cat Yeti!
Garth and napping Mia!
Thor from Hartford!
Olive a senior throw away mama :( BEST.DOG.EVER.
My babies gone too soon: Cash, Winnie, Opal 💔
Opal and ZuZu, ZuZu was a Hartford dog and one of my fosters. Living the good life in NH
Carlos, Mo, and Panda. The best pittie crew out there ❤️❤️❤️
Jax xo
Luke, adopted 3/19/14, with his feline bro Mushy. He also lives with a canine sister and two other cats. All of them boss Luke around except for Mushy!
Caleb DOG 61 adopted from Hartford 8/2014
Sweet Pearl!!!
This is Scully on one of his daily walks through Blue Back Square, West Hartford.
Jango - adopted from Hartford on Sept 3rd 2016
Merry Christmas from Gracie!
Violet & Poppy!!!
My Cali before she was rescued. And her after being rescued. She is my love 💘. 🐕💕 From Hartford
Lito getting love from his friend, Miss Frankie Rose
Rex & Izzy xo
BFF's Mickey & Dan
Heyoka the Service Pit!!!

All photos used have been approved and released for use in this photo gallery and taken by the families who agreed to be a part of this photo gallery to help inform the public about the breed they love so much!! These photos are 100% approved for use by the Pit Bull Advocates, families and supported of Bully Breeds in CT and beyond!!!

This photo gallery was inspired by some very ignorant and hurtful comments about the pit bull breed on my personal account. #PeopleAndPets is what my show's are all about, nothing but positivity! When we're kinder to animals we're kinder to people and that's a fact!

So what are pit bull's? They include the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The American Bulldog is also sometimes included, but not as a general rule.

AND another thing - how do you spell it?? LOL - these are common and accepted:

Pitbull, Pit-bull Pit Bull, Pitties, Pibbles, The NANNY DOG, etc....

Famous Pitties!!

Pete the Pup from the movie Little Rascals

"Jack Brutus" who served for Company K, the First Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the civil war

Billie Holiday's companion "Mister"

Helen Keller's dog "Sir Thomas"

President Theodore Roosevelt's Pit Bull terrier "Pete" 

Sergeant Stubby who served for the 102nd Infantry 26th (Yankee) Division during World War I

MARK TWAIN!! Connecticut's own had a pit bull!!!