Forty-five minutes of twister terror that left 91 dead: Seven children found drowned in elementary school and 24 more feared to have perished after two-mile wide tornado pulverizes Oklahoma City.

A number of heartless looters have emerged amid the tragedy of the deadly Oklahoma tornado, storming the storm-damaged Moore Medical Center, pictured, and helping themselves to various items, a report said.

Two entire schools flattened in Moore, Oklahoma after 200 mph winds pulverized a 30-square-mile stretch yesterday.

At least 91 people confirmed dead, authorities say, and at least another 233 injured in local hospitals.

More than 20 children are among the dead, including the seven found drowned in Plaza Towers.

Children were told to hold on to the walls, while teachers shielding the students with their bodies.

Hundreds of homes wiped out and more than 8,000 people left without power.

The devastating tornado was larger than 1999 storm in the area that left 36 people dead.