Eh, who knows, they say if you drink about 6 cups a day of this and eat smart for three days or the weekend you'll drop some lbs. All I know is that it tastes yummy! But hey if it works, BONUS!! (Be sure to check with your doctor first about ingredients and amounts!)

Recipe and full story in Woman's World Magazine!

3 quarts water ( boil then transfer to a pitcher)

24 GREEN tea bags ( decaffeinated, regular or a mixture of both fine)

The juice of 12 lemons

IF you want is sweet about 1 tbs of liquid stevia (I didn't use this)

Steep tea about 5 to 10 minutes in pitcher, remove bags, add lemon juice and sweetener if you like - about half pitcher a day is the diet recommendation.

FYI - I put a touch of simple syrup in mine - a combo of real sugar and water, boil then I prob added about 3 tbs ( NOT the diet way)