Please take a moment to view all the available pets featured here and be sure to see the CT Lost & Found Pound too! There are so many pets waiting for you at local shelters!!!! Feel free to send me info to get posted here too: CLICK HERE TO EMAIL RENEE

 Photo Credit Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

All four of these dogs are adoptable or fosterable in the VA to CT corridor (or places reasonably nearby). They all need homes now. Step up and take on on. All of them are good with people and other dogs and their lone crime is being homeless. Spread the word kids. Dogs are in need of homes. Fools are in need of pity.** Interested adopters or fosters should fill out an application at (Click on Foster FAQS for the fosters and Online Applications for would-be adopters). Then email for those interested in Erroll and Troy, for those interested in River and for those interested in the dainty little Nellie and tell them you demand a white dog of distinction for this weekend. *OK, River will be gorgeous once all his fur grows in from where he had the surgery to repair his entropion eyelids.


WOW lots of urgents in Hartford! These babies are all up for adoption, you can click on the photo and get right to the most urgents now:

This is Valley Girl! And there are so many more!


In Waterbury, click on photo for more details:


This Intact male English Mastiff was brought to our shelter today. He was found in Waterbury near Bishop Street on Wednesday June 25th. Unfortunately, by law, we are required to hand him over to Waterbury Animal Control as he was found roaming in their town. We offered to house him here at our shelter and find him a new forever home if left unclaimed. We are more than happy to have him and keep him safe, comfy, and happy. Unfortunately, Waterbury will not allow us to keep him here and so they are picking him up tomorrow. Please share to try to locate his owner. He is very thin, and a little bit older. If anyone is interested in adopting this very sweet, gentle giant, please call Waterbury Animal Control 203.574.6909.


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