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New Britain, CT Hi, my name is Gia. I am a 4 month old Bull Terrier x…My foster mom tells people I am like a “Spuds Mackenzie dog”…whoever that is. I keep hearing my mommy say “I can’t believe no one wants her…she’s such a great dog”. What does that mean? I thought I was home? She’s been my mom since I was 5 weeks old. She told me that even though she would love to keep me, she wouldn’t be able to help any others like me in the future. She keeps saying she’s getting very attached and promises that she will find me a great home? Is it because I still have a couple accidents in the house? Is it because I give her too many kisses? Is it because I get too excited when she comes home from work? Is it because I love to snuggle with her at night? Is it because I like to play with my doggie brother and sisters? *Sigh* Well I promise I will try harder if someone is willing to give me a chance. Will you be my new family?? (Contact: ššššš Gia will be at the Wallingford adoption event on Saturday if anyone would like to meet her




KENNAH AND SCOOBY ARE CURRENTLY IN BOARDING AND NEED OUR HELP! FOSTER/ADOPTER NEEDED ASAP! PLEASE SHARE THEM Kennah is a 3 year old Blue Nose Pit Bull Mix who finds herself in need of a home. Kennah has lived with another dog her size and done well in the past but we are currently looking for an ONLY DOG HOME FOR HER (see note below). She does not do well with small dogs or cats. Kennah has also done well with children in the past without issue. She is up to date on vaccinations and is spayed. To apply to for Kennah, please fill out an application at NOTE: Kennah have was rescued with another dog, Scooby, whom she had been living with for the past 2 years. Scooby's pictures and bio can be found here:  Scooby and Kennah get along very well together, but not with new dogs. Can they be put into foster or be adopted together? ABSOLUTELY! But they have also handled some time apart very well over the past week, so it is not a requirement. KENNAH CANNOT BE FOSTERED WITH ANY DOGS OTHER THAN SCOOBY AT THIS TIME. VIDEO: Here is video of Kennah showing how sweet she is during a bath:  Here is Kennah showing off her manners (she knows sit, stay, and is working on her down, PLUS she takes treats incredibly gently):






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