Andy Garcia & Vera Farmiga star in At Middleton. In theaters this weekend! Photo Credit: Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films

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So, many of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Andy Garcia - I could barely sleep last night knowing that for 8 minutes or so, it would only be he and I, alone on the phone. I'm pretty sure hes' going to have me in his next movie, I think I heard him say that, or at least we can do a double date with our sposes, I'm pretty sure I heard him say something of that nature. He is one of the classiest men on the planet! From his love of film, music and charity he continues to be one of the BEST! Enjoy this interview and I hope you'll see his new movie At Middleton - it's EXCELLENT!!!! He gives you the story line about parents bringing their kids to visit a college.....well, I'll let him tell you!