Incident happened Wednesday 8/6/14 btw 2pm - 2:30pm Wethersfield, Silas Deane HWY near Beverly Street.


Yes, you did see 2 awesome guys in pick up trucks & me stopping the Silas Deane hwy down to get this kitten. Someone threw her out a vehicle. Please if you saw something contact me. It happened to far away from me, I don't know how this kitty is alive

UPDATE: I just hung up with the vet tech. It's a female cat, they don't think feral, because of her demeanor, she is letting techs pet her and examine her and has a comfy blanket to rest in now. She appears to be OK! She is safe. I'm so shook up over this. THANK you beyond words to those two men. I'm pretty sure one of them saved my life too. This happened between 2 and 3pm today, please email me if you were there and saw anything. CLICK here to email