LARGE REWARD $2,500  - Call Amanda at 973-865-4004 OR 860 817 7772 Flyer to download and link to Find Burton and Zuzu below.


HARTFORD, CT: From Amanda, "Thank you so much for all your help! You are all keeping me strong and hopeful through the ups and downs. I have never felt so much love and support in all my life"

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Updated flyer for download: .


ON LINE HELP: Please continue to look at Lost & Found pages for CT and Mass. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE. PLEASE DOWNLOAD FLYER and post wherever possible!

Also, someone asked a great question--about Burton and Zuzu's tails! Burton's tail sticks up (unless scared) and is about 2-3 inches long. Zuzu's tail is a little smaller and fuzzier, about 1-2 inches (like a little bunny tail). I am posting a picture of them jumping up... makes them look really long, but gives an idea about their tails. Thank you everyone for helping out... you're keeping me hopeful. It's tough looking through pictures and seeing their adorable little faces, and night is the hardest... They both are big cuddlers, and sleeping isn't quite the same without them tucked in close. But each day feels like we're getting one step closer to having my little monsters back, safe and sound. Please don't give up... your help means the world


Here is the  link to her page: