Interview: James Lecesne, Trevor Project, The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelke

He is an actor that founded Trevor Project and is the solo actor in 'The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelke,' now showing at HARTFORD STAGE. ALSO, MARISA GIARNELLA-PORCO WILL BE PART OF A PANEL DISCUSSION AFTER THE 4/11 performance called, Finding Absolute Brightness: How Today’s Youth Can Battle Bullying and Depression. The panel will highlight signs of depression, isolation, and bullying in adolescents and how family, friends and the community might spot risk factors before teens make negative, and sometimes irreversible choices.


Please enjoy this interview with James chatting with Renee, starting with James talking about young peole & labels.

CORRECTION:  Renee mentions the after show panel discussion and states the wrong date, but corrects later in interview. The discussion with the panel is April 11. 


If you’re thinking about suicide, you deserve immediate help - please call the Trevor Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

Jordan Porco Foundation

The Jordan Porco Foundation is committed to preventing suicide, promoting mental health, and creating a message of hope for young adults. We provide engaging and uplifting programming emphasizing peer-to-peer messaging promoting help seeking behavior, self-care, and coping skills. Our programs challenge stigma by talking openly about mental health, and educating about the risk factors and warning signs of suicide and other related mental health concerns.