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The biggest door of my life right now! I've never followed through on any diet or work out plan. I'm a big baby and yesterday I gave D'Mario such a hard time about weighing me, measuring and etc.... My weight and appearance has truly, on a personal level held me back more times than I can tell you. I'm ready to fight for my health and fitness and I welcome your support, feedback AND I WOULD LOVE for you to join me! We don't need to be super model thin, we just need to be healthy!


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Day 1: Got measured, weighed and didn't want to know any details - I honestly don't know the numbers and I'm not ready to face them yet. We warmed up and then it started - HOLY WORK OUT - boxing, boxing crunches, planks, ropes, bikes OH MY!!! I was a sweaty mess, cheeks red, pushed real hard and didn't give up. I've never had a work out like that before.

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 OW - my smile is fake!

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DAY 2: WOW, more boxing, push ups and sweating and hanging from ropes?????? I really didn't think I could do this again. After the work out I felt so good, and I got out so much stress - I PUNCHED IT AWAY!!! OK - I'm feeling it, in more places than I thought I had!!! I go back again on Friday to complete my first week! SNEAK PEEK to next week - I'm going to give someone an hours worth of free training!!! CLICK HERE for a video to Akua Ba's page of some of the training!


DAY 3 - I had a meltdown. Trying so hard, work is busy, lots of events and of course lots going on in the world of news. Didn't eat right and completely felt like a wuss at training. D'Mario pumped up my spirits and made me understand it's just been 3 days. Did you ever push so hard and not feel it was good enough? Coming Monday - your chance to win 5 one hour sessions with Akua Ba - believe me - you'll be amazed at what your body can do!