There are several urgent dogs up for adoption in Hartford- this link will take you right to their FB page where you'll see stories, videos and ways to bring them home today! 3 dogs are urgent for tomorrow! CLICK HERE



So sorry to say that we have another URGENT.  Kennel stress is the worse kind of urgent as the deterioration is usually rapid and the suffering is great.  SPENCER deserves so much better!  This sweet, beautiful guy is losing weight and is becoming depressed. Spencer loves going for walks. He really aims to please and just wants to be near people. He wants companionship and will return it tenfold. ... He seems to do better with large dogs. We would request that the potential adopter bring down any other pets that they own for a meeting prior to adoption. Older children are preferred because he is a large dog. We are not sure how he would be with cats. We recommend barriers for any introduction with cats.  West Hartford Animal Control can be reached at 860-523-2018.  (Connecticut)