Mitch Silver

Worst Back to School Commercial EVER

Chocolate Milk BAN in CT Schools

Uconn Parade set for 4PM Sunday

ScarJo, Brad Pitt and More....NO MAKEUP

Jay Leno's Final Sign Off

Super Bowl Halftime Show

Mitch Silver

Hi, My name is Mitch Silver (before you ask, that name is real)...and they trusted me with a blog. I'm a born and raised CT guy, hailing from Waterbury, CT. You may have heard me do traffic, fill ins, weekends, or seen me out at events. I love radio especially because it's the only form of entertainment that's safe for use while driving. Thanks for checking my page out. I'll be posting all about some of my favorite things here, like dumb criminals, viral videos, food stuff, and ranting and raving about everything and anything that may tickle my fancy.


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